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Report an empty property

We would like to hear from you about empty properties you know about. It may be that you feel that it could be brought into use for someone's benefit or that it has some impact on your life. The ways empty properties impact on your life can include:

  • Affecting the price of your property or reducing the chances of selling your property.
  • Ruining the look of your village or neighbourhood.
  • Ruining your property, for example, by causing it to become damp.
  • Providing a place for antisocial gatherings
  • Harbouring an infestation of pests.

When you report an empty property we would appreciate having:

  • Your address and contact details for ease of communication and business analysis.
  • The address including postcode of the empty property.
  • Known details of the owners.
  • The circumstances causing it to have become and remain empty.
  • How it affects your life.
  • How you think it could be reused.

To report an empty property you can contact:

Empty property

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