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Eden District Council
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Community Engagement and Consultation

We are committed to engaging with our communities and listening and learning from local people. We ask for your views in order to improve your local areas as well as our services and policies.

Opinionsuite consultation hub

Opinionsuite consultation hub - provides an opportunity to find out about all our consultations - past, current and planned. Clicking on the 'Partnership Hub' button at the left hand side of our Consultation Finder allows you to locate consultations run by Cumbria County Council, NHS Cumbria, Cumbria Police Constabulary and all district councils in Cumbria.

Community Engagement and Consultation Strategy

Our DRAFT Community Engagement and Consultation Strategy (PDF: 250 Kb / 27 pages) ensures we use transparent and accountable approaches and that we:

  • engage with all communities in a timely manner
  • offer clear information about all engagement/consultation exercises
  • provide opportunities to participate in decision-making in a range of different ways, both on and off-line
  • 'listen' and 'take account' of what you say
  • feed results of research back to you and illustrate what has happened as a result of your input.

Participation Toolkit

The strategy is accompanied by a Participation Toolkit. The tools contained in it will help to implement the strategy, train staff and Members and ensure best practice community engagement and consultation. The toolkit contains the following documents:

For further information

  • Contact: Senior Communities Officer
  • Email:
  • Telephone: 01768 212268
  • Address: Communities Team, Eden District Council, Mansion House, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 7YG

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