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Children and Young People: Use Your Voice to Participate 

Children and young people have the right to take part so use your voice to shape what is happening.

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Hear by Right is a tried and tested standards framework for organisations across the statutory and voluntary sectors to assess and improve practice and policy on the active involvement of children and young people. It is designed to help secure sustained and beneficial participation of children and young people and to encourage continual improvement in an organisation's activities. The framework encourages inclusion of a wide range of children and young people, while urging care in choosing approaches appropriate to different ages, abilities and understanding.

Act by Right helps young people to develop knowledge and skills to take effective action on issues that concern them. Organised by the Local Democracy Campaign, it recognises that children and young people need the chance to work together to get things done and make changes where they live.

Catch 21 is the UK's first political internet television channel set up by and for young people. The production company, sparked by student question time, combines text, film and the internet, to report discussions of political issues with political representatives. Video blogs include debates between young people and a range of political speakers on such diverse themes as equal opportunities in the workplace for people with disabilities; debates on university costs; youth suicide; legalisation of drugs; school leaving age; and the national year of reading. You can subscribe to Catch 21 videos on YouTube.

The United Kingdom Youth Parliament (UKYP) is an apolitical organisation composed of representatives aged between 11 and 18 elected by their peers from across the UK. The UKYP gives a voice to young people, which enables them to be involved in a democratic process at a national level whilst empowering them to take positive action in their local communities. UKYP draws from young people from all parts of the country and from all backgrounds and communities. It's run by a small team operating through a registered charity, Democracy for Young People.

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