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Interment Hours:

Day Time
Monday to Thursday 10am to 2:30pm
Friday 10am to 2pm
Saturday 10am to 12noon
(double fees payable)*

*Other additional fees may also need to be payable

Please note interments could start slightly earlier on a Saturday morning by arrangement.

No interments shall take place on Good Friday, Christmas Day or Public Holidays except in cases of emergency certified by the Coroner or registered Medical Practitioner.

All interments, including the scattering of cremated remains, must be booked at Bereavement Service Office.

Booking Interment

When you have received an interment time from the Bereavement Service Office please complete the Notice of Interment Form (PDF: 161Kb / 1 page . This form is to confirm your verbal arrangement for interment and should be submitted not less than two working days before the interment date.

There is a cancellation fee for details see cemetery fees and charges.

For further information:

Contact: Bereavement Services Office at Mansion House, Penrith CA11 7YG

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