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There is not a Crematorium in the Eden District the nearest ones are at Carlisle, Lancaster and Workington. For more details on cremation contact Bereavement Services Office at the address below.

The cremated remains may be taken away from the Crematorium for scattering or burial elsewhere, possibly in the Garden of Rest or a cremation plot at Penrith Cemetery. Alternatively, the cremated remains may be scattered into or interred in a purchased grave at any of our five cemeteries.

The interment of cremated remains in the Garden of Rest or in a grave space requires the payment of an additional fee. Small cremated remains graves on which an individual memorial may be placed are available for purchase at all of the five cemeteries. These half grave spaces will accept up to four wooden caskets.

It is up to the family to dispose of cremated remains as they wish but by having them placed in a cemetery plot the details of the event are recorded as for a full burial and will be available to be traced by future generations.

Cremated remains containers

Cremated remains containers include wooden caskets, stone, metal, plastic and porcelain containers. However, only bio-gradable caskets are permitted for burial of ashes within our cemeteries.

Bereavement Services office

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