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Bereavement Services Application Forms

For information on costs of bereavement services see fees and charges.

  • Grave space with exclusive rights to burial purchase (PDF: 134Kb / 1 page)
    Complete the form to apply to purchase the exclusive rights of a grave for a period of 50 years.

  • Notice of interment form (PDF: 101Kb / 2 pages)
    To book an interment please complete this form only when you have received a interment time from the Bereavement Service Office. This form is to confirm your verbal arrangement for interment and should be submitted not less than two working days before the interment date. There is a cancellation fee for details see fees and charges.

  • Application for a memorial plaque at Penrith Cemetery Garden of Rest (PDF: 25Kb / 1 page)
    Complete this form to apply for a bronze memorial plaque at Penrith Cemetery Garden of Rest.

  • Headstone erection application form (PDF: 36Kb / 2 pages)
    Complete this form to apply to have a headstone erected by an approved monumental mason for any of our cemeteries.

  • Surrender of Exclusive Rights of Burial at an Eden District Council Cemetery (PDF: 90Kb / 1 page)
    Complete this form if you decided to surrender the exclusive rights of an unused grave.

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