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Why recycle and where does it all go?

Why Recycle?

Throwing things away in our refuse sacks to be buried in landfill is a waste of valuable materials which can be used again and again to make new products; recycling saves energy and resources.

Recycling Rate

Eden's recycling rate in 2015-2016 was 43.42% thanks to a combination of kerbside collection schemes and recycle points and to the hard efforts of Eden residents. Of 21,988.40 tonnes of household waste generated last year, an impressive 9,547 tonnes were either recycled or composted.

How materials collected in Eden are recycled and reused

Product What happens to it Where it is recycled or reused
Glass Recycled into new bottles and jars Norpol, Ellesmere Port
Aluminium foil Recycled into engine parts Novelis, Birmingham
Cans Recycled into new aluminium and steel cans Rochdale
Paper and card Recycled into new paper products China
Plastics Recycled into a variety of plastic products Swinton/Manchester
Textiles Reused (worn again) To Cookstown Textiles
Shoes Reused (worn again) British Heart Foundation, Newcastle upon Tyne
Books Reused (read again) Penrith (British Heart Foundation shop)
Garden waste Composted Hespin Wood (Carlisle)

For further information:

  • Contact: Contract Officers
  • Helpline: 01768 817817
  • Email: Contracts@eden.gov.uk
  • Address: Eden District Council, Mansion House, Penrith, CA11 7YG 

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