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Blue refuse bags

Household rubbish should be placed in the blue bags supplied as part of the refuse collection service, not in a dustbin. Only ash from a household open fire will be collected in a bin, ash bins must be made of steel and have two handles.

What do I do if my blue bags have not been collected?

If your blue sacks have not been collected you can let us know by completing the online missed refuse (blue bag) collection formor telephoning 01768 817817.

What do I do if I don't receive any replacement blue bags following a rubbish collection?

Depending on the number of bags you set you should get one or two blue bags as replacements. If you do not get any replacements please tell us by completing the replacement blue bag online form or telephone 01768 817817.

I am new to the area how do I get my blue bags?

If you are new to the area to receive your blue bags telephone 01768 817817. You will receive replacement blue bags when you set your rubbish out. You will also be told if you live in an area where the bag and box schemeor garden waste bin schemeoperate.

How can I find out which day my rubbish is collected?

You can find out your collection day by entering your postcode into My Eden. For scheduled collection days see blue bag zones.

Will a public holiday affect the day my rubbish is collected?

Yes, in a week where there is a public holiday the collection is usually a day late. Details of arrangements for collection for these weeks are printed on the blue bags or see refuse collection dates for public holidays.

How will road closures affect my collection day?

When road closures prevent refuse vehicles accessing your property, collections will be attempted again on the next scheduled collection day. Long term closure arrangements will need to be made by the organisation who is responsible for the road closures.

When and where should I set out my blue bags?

Blue bags should be tied securely and set out no earlier than the night before the day of collection. Bags should be set out at the boundary of the property on the kerbside and visible from the roadside. When we collect your rubbish we will leave a maximum of two replacement blue bags depending on how many bags to set out. If no sacks are left out no replacements will be provided.

What if I need more blue bags?

If there are six or more people in your household or where additional waste is generated by a medical condition you can apply for more blue bags. To apply complete the online form for more blue bags for families of 6 or more. If you would like more and don't have a large household you can buy more blue bags at a cost of £1.40 each from:

  • Appleby: Eden Bridge Newsagents, The Sands
  • Alston: Tourist Information Centre, Town Hall
  • Kirkby Stephen: Council and Community Centre
  • Penrith: Mansion House
  • Penrith: Town Hall
  • Online by completing the form to purchase extra blue refuse sacks.

What can I not put in my blue bag?

Please do not dispose of clinical waste, garden rubbish, rubble, building waste, bricks, concrete, vehicle batteries, cans of paint or oil in your blue bag. We have other collection services for:

Can I use a dustbin instead?

You can only set a two handled steel dustbin out for collection if it contains nothing but ashes from the open fire in your home.

How can I find out if some of my rubbish can be reused?

If you think that some of your rubbish can be reused but don't know what to do with it have a look at the Eden waste A-Z.

What if I can't carry my blue bag?

If you have either a disability or infirmity which makes it difficult for you to carry your blue bag you can apply to have it collected from your property. To apply complete the online assisted collection request formor telephone 01768 817817.

For further information:

  • Contact: Customer Services
  • Telephone: 01768 817817
  • Email:
  • Fax: 01768 890470
  • Address: Eden District Council, Town Hall, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 7QF 
Two blue bags of refuse set out for collection

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