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Environmental Policy and Environmental Management System

Cumbria Business Environment Network (CBEN)

The Cumbria Business Environment Network (CBEN) Gold Environmental Award was present to us in 2011. The CBEN Awards scheme in Cumbria is based on ISO14001 and is an award presented to organisations that are progressing along the path of assessing and controlling their environmental aspects/impacts, within a developing environmental management system.

We have a wide-ranging impact on the environment through our use of energy, water, transport and waste generation. In addition to this, we are responsible for the provision of a number of environmental services and are involved in raising awareness and setting an example to partners and the wider community.

It is therefore important that we take responsibility for our environmental impact.

In order to ensure that the environmental implications of our activities are fully considered, and measures are taken to secure improvements in environmental performance, we have developed both an Environmental Policy and Environmental Management System.

Environmental Policy

The Environmental Policy (PDF: 58Kb / 5 pages) is published alongside the Environmental Management System, and provides an overarching Policy Statement for the System.

The Statement summarises our environmental objectives, and our commitment to meeting and where possible, exceeding legislative requirements. The Policy represents our first corporate commitment to the performance management of our own environmental impact.

Environmental Management System

The Environmental Management System manual and procedures (PDF: 688Kb / 48 pages) is a policy document, which will help us to fulfil our corporate commitment, 'Quality Environment'. It sets out how we intend to deliver the objectives in the Environmental Policy Statement.

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CBEN Cumbria Business Environment Network 2010 Gold Environmental Award

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