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Special Council Agenda: 19 January 2012

Notice is hereby given and you are hereby summoned to attend a meeting of the Council to be held at 6.45pm on Thursday 19 January 2011 at the Town Hall, Penrith.

1. Apologies for Absence

2. Declarations of Interest

To receive declarations of the existence and nature of any personal interests and/or personal interests which are prejudicial in any matter to be considered during the meeting.

3. Minutes


  1. the public minutes Cl/90/12/11 to Cl/105/12/11; and
  2. the confidential minutes Cl/106/12/11 to Cl/107/12/11

of the meeting of Council held on 1 December 2011 be confirmed and signed by the Chairman as a correct record of those proceedings (copies previously circulated).

4. Chairman's Announcements

5. Questions by the Public

To receive questions from the public under Rule 10 of the Constitution

6. Executive Report

To consider the minutes of the Executive meeting held on ADD DATE

7. Questions by Members

To receive questions from Members under Rule 12 of the Constitution

8. Motions on Notice

To consider a motion on notice submitted by Councillor D Harding under Rule 13 of the Constitution (PDF: 66 Kb / 1 page)

9. Single Public Offices Site for Penrith

To consider report CE2/12 of the Chief Executive (PDF: 2 Mb / 54 pages) which asks Members to consider a proposal to relocate Eden District Council's Officers from Mansion House and Corney Square into the Town Hall with an appropriate extension to facilitate occupation by the staff from those offices and also a new Council Chamber / meeting facility.


  1. the principle of relocating to the Town Hall site be confirmed.
  2. a supplementary estimate of £10,000 be agreed to fund the final stage of feasibility work for the relocation project.
  3. the relocation project be for the development of the extension at the Town Hall and new car parking, all those staff engaged in working at Mansion House and also Corney Square who will relocate to it.
  4. Mansion House and Corney Square both be placed on the market in March 2012 for sale or lease and the offers that are received be reported to the Executive for decision as to which option to be taken.
  5. any scheme be funded out of revenue reserves, net of any capital receipts released.
  6. the Transformation Board be the Project Board to take forward the project with meetings every two months.
  7. reports from the meetings of the Transformation Board on the project be issued to all Members of the Council for its information.
  8. the project includes any appropriate actions for the sale and/or lease of Mansion House and Corney Square.
  9. upon the acquisition of the Magistrates Court, Co-op and any other land in the locality, the Project Board will also give consideration to that in terms of the overall development of the wider site area. This would be a separate project, albeit related to the Town Hall relocation project.
  10. the Chief Executive, Director of Finance and the Director of Corporate and Legal Services as appropriate, be members of the Project Board to ensure appropriate compliance with the Council's Constitution and delivery of its objectives.
  11. the TIC and Museum be retained in their present location.
  12. the specification should include:
    IT Annex
    Council Chamber as a multi-usable space, ie for weddings, area County Council meetings, public meetings etc
    A Members Room
    Two Committee Rooms
    A Leader's Room
    A Civic Hospitality space
    Hot desking space of for 20 and what design and storage space
    New offices for 50
    Interview Rooms - 5
    Meeting Rooms - 2
    An extended reception area
  13. the Chief Executive appoints a Project Manager for the project. The project manager will progress the project through a project team and report to the Board.
  14. the location of the extension, ie to the rear or the side of the Town Hall be determined by the Executive in consultation with the Transformation Board.
  15. the final scheme be approved by Council prior to it being tendered.

10. Community Governance Review: A Town Council for Penrith

To consider report CLS03/12 of the Director of Corporate and Legal Services (PDF: 156 Kb / 10 pages) which asks Members' approval to carry out a community governance review to determine whether a Town Council should be established in Penrith


  1. a community governance review be established to determine whether a town council should be set up in, and for, Penrith;
  2. Terms of Reference for the community governance review be approved as set out in paragraph 3.7 of the report, namely:
    1. to consider whether a town council should be established for the town of Penrith;
    2. to undertake initial consultation with the residents of Penrith, their representatives and those with interests in the town on the proposal to create a town council;
    3. to consider whether community engagement would be improved and the delivery of local services would be more effective and convenient if a town council were to be established in Penrith;
    4. to establish, consider and comment upon the practical issues in relation to the establishment of a town council, including its name, its location, the number of members, its initial costs, its officer corps and any other matter which is relevant to the establishment of the town council;
    5. to consider and identify the practical issues of undertaking a poll of the residents of Penrith and its likely costs;
    6. to consider the advantages and disadvantages of establishing a local or area committee.
    7. to report to Council in July 2012 on its initial findings upon the terms of reference and whether a poll should be undertaken of the residents of Penrith.
  3. a panel of nine members be appointed with a majority of the panel being from Penrith and being politically balanced in its composition to carry out the community governance review to report back to Council in July 2012 and decide who those members should be.
  4. approve a supplementary estimate of £1000 be approved.

11. Appointment of Business Ambassador

To consider report CD3/12 of the Communities Director (PDF: 260 Kb / 4 pages) which requests Members to confirm the appointment of a Business Ambassador who will assist the Economy and Planning Portfolio Holder in acting as the appointed representative of the District council, to understand and liaise with the business community of Eden District and to promote the Apprenticeship Grant Aid Scheme with partners


  1. a Council champion is appointed for business. The champion would be known as the Business Ambassador. The Business Ambassador would assist the Planning and Economy Portfolio Holder in liaising with the business community of Eden District and in promoting the Apprenticeship Grant Aid Scheme with partners; and
  2. Cllr Ms Wicks be appointed as the Business Ambassador

12. Membership of the Housing and Community Panel

RECOMMENDATION that Councillor Dorothy Spence be appointed as a standing deputy to the Housing and Community Panel in accordance with the wishes of the Liberal Democrat Group.

13. Exclusion of Press and Public

RECOMMENDATION that in the event that there are any exempt items the following recommendation can then be passed that in accordance with Section 100A(4) of the Local Government Act 1972, members of the public (including the press) should be excluded from the meeting during discussion of the following items of business on the grounds that they involve the likely disclosure of exempt information as defined in paragraphs 1 and 3 of Part 1 to Schedule 12A of the Act.

14. Proposed Accommodation Change - Appendix

To consider the confidential appendix to item 9 on the agenda

15. Management of Succession

To consider report CE1/12 of the Chief Executive which is attached and which requests Members consideration for the management of succession within the Authority.

RECOMMENDATION that: Members consider and approve the recommendations on the report.

16. Date of Next Scheduled Meeting: 9 February 2012

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