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Resources Portfolio Decision Record: Policy on General Fund Reserves: Annual Review

Decision Made By: Councillor John Lynch
Date Decision Made: 18 October 2011
Date of Publication: 18 October 2011
Decision Reference Numbers: Res_9_10_11
Call in period ends 25 October 2011 at 5pm
Implementation date (if not called-in) 26 October 2011


  1. Decisions may be called-in by three elected Members from more than one political party or group who must be signatories on the document.
  2. Requests to call-in must be delivered to the Director of Corporate and Legal Services in writing by the date and time specified above (See Pt 4 [Scrutiny Procedure Rules] of the Constitution);
  3. In the absence of any call-in, decisions will come into force and may then be implemented on the expiry of 5 working days after the publication date (see above);
  4. Decisions marked ** may not be called-in as they were made under special urgency rules.

Please return to Democratic Services:

Democratic Services Officer Days worked Telephone Number Email
Joanne Brabbins Wednesday - Friday

01768 212231
Rosalyn Richardson Tuesday - Thursday

01768 212207

Angela Milburn Monday - Tuesday

01768 212218

Julia Burrell Wednesday and Friday

01768 212170

To be completed by the decision maker:

Decision Reference Number Res_9_10_11
Subject Matter: Policy on General Fund Reserves: Annual Review
Date Decision Made 18 October 2011
Portfolio: Resources
Decision made by: Councillor John Lynch
Interests Declared: None
Decision: The Policy on General Fund Reserves is agreed. (The Policy is appended to report F81/11)
Relevant Overview and Scrutiny Committee: Scrutiny Co-ordinating Board
Reports and Background Papers Considered Report F81/11
Reasons for Decision The Council's Policy should be reviewed annually to ensure that the level of reserves held is consistent with the Council's objectives and its Resources Plan
Summary of Options Rejected: Not agreeing the Policy
Urgent Decision not Subject to Call In No
Consent of Chairman/Vice-Chairman to Urgency N/A
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