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Resources Portfolio Decision Record: Lease of Land to Cumbria Wildlife Trust

Decision Made By: Councillor John Lynch
Date Decision Made: 20 June 2011
Date of Publication: 21 June 2011
Decision Reference Numbers: Res_5_6_11
Call in period ends 28 June 2011 at 5pm
Implementation date (if not called-in) 29 June 2011


  1. Decisions may be called-in by three elected Members from more than one political party or group who must be signatories on the document.
  2. Requests to call-in must be delivered to the Director of Corporate and Legal Services in writing by the date and time specified above (See Pt 4 [Scrutiny Procedure Rules] of the Constitution);
  3. In the absence of any call-in, decisions will come into force and may then be implemented on the expiry of 5 working days after the publication date (see above);
  4. Decisions marked ** may not be called-in as they were made under special urgency rules.

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To be completed by the decision maker:

Decision Reference Number Res_5_6_11
Subject Matter: Lease of Land to Cumbria Wildlife Trust
Date Decision Made 20 June 2011
Portfolio: Resources
Decision made by: Councillor John Lynch
Interests Declared: None

That the Portfolio Holder approves the proposal for an area of land at Gilwilly, Penrith, to be utilised as part of a wetland reserve being developed by Cumbria Wildlife Trust.

To agree Heads of Terms for a lease agreement as set out in appendix 2 to report TS 68-11.

Relevant Overview and Scrutiny Committee: Scrutiny Co-ordinating Board
Reports and Background Papers Considered Report TS68-11
Reasons for Decision To support the proposal of the location as a wetland reserve, in an area of flood land, as part of the Thacka Beck Alleviation Scheme.
Summary of Options Rejected:


Urgent Decision not Subject to Call In No
Consent of Chairman/Vice-Chairman to Urgency N/A
Portfolio holder signature  

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