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Housing and Community Panel Minutes: 2 June 2011


Chairman: Councillor H Sawrey-Cookson
Councillors: G Bowen
M Eyles
P Godwin
H Harrison
S Orchard
P Richardson
S Simpson
M Slee
D Stobbart
A Todd
Standing Deputy: R Howse (for D Spence)
Lead Officer in Attendance: G Kartach
Democratic Services Officer: A Milburn

Hcp/1/6/11 Apologies for Absence

An apology for absence was received from Councillor Mrs D Spence, Councillor R Howse attended in her place.

Hcp/2/6/11 Appointment of Vice Chairman

Nomination by S Simpson

Seconded by A Todd

And RESOLVED that Councillor Michael Slee be appointed as Vice Chairman of the Housing and Community Panel for the municipal year 2011/12 and that he be recommended to attend the scrutiny chairs training event at Kendal on 6 July 2011.

Hcp/3/6/11 Declarations of Interest


Hcp/4/6/11 Scrutiny Co-ordinating Board - Update

The Panel received a verbal update from the Chairman of the Panel.

The Panel were informed of two of the reviews which were planned for the 2011/12 municipal year: the review of the Housing Development Plan Document a value for money review of Environmental Health. Volunteers to sit on these review groups were sought.

RESOLVED that the following Members on the Housing and Community Panel will sit on the reviews groups:

Housing DPD Review
H Sawrey-Cookson
S Orchard
A Todd
(G Bowen deputy)

Value for Money Review of Environmental Health
S Simpson
G Bowen

Hcp/5/6/11 Forward Plan - Key Decisions

The Panel considered the Forward Plan for the period June 2011 - September 2011.

The Forward Plan provides details of Key Decisions that are to be taken over the following four months by the Executive. The Plan provides the opportunity for people inside and outside the Council to see when the Key Decisions are going to be taken, who will be taking the decisions and what information and consultation will contribute to the decisions.

RESOLVED that the Forward Plan be noted

Hcp/6/6/11 Co-ordinated Work Plan

The Panel considered the Scrutiny Co-ordinated Work Plan which set out the work assigned to the Scrutiny Panels. The Work Plan included a list of policy documents due for review.

RESOLVED that the Work Plan be noted

Hcp/7/6/11 Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Housing and Community Panel will be held on 25 August 2011

The meeting closed at 4.53pm

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