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Electoral Registration Frequently Asked Questions


How can I get my name put on the Register of Electors?

Go to GOV.UK's web page register to vote and complete the online registration form.

If you cannot use the online system you will need to complete an Individual Registration form. You will need to provide information such as your date of birth and national insurance number to be able to register.

If you cannot complete the online registration or Individual Registration form then please contact the office on the number below.

There is a specific timetable for the monthly additions to be added to the register. In some cases, if an election timetable has started, you may not be added to the register under the normal monthly timetable. However, you will have up to 12 working days before an election to register. For more information see how to register as an elector.

Why have I been told that I am not on the Register? I've been turned down for a loan.

The chances are that you are registered. The credit reference agencies buy the register from us but their data is not always correct. We can check to see if you are registered, then send you a letter of proof but only to your registered address, not to anyone or anywhere else. Contact the elections office see details below.

I want to buy a copy of the Register. How do I go about it and how much is it?

You can only buy the open register, which excludes the names and addresses of everyone who has chosen to "opt out". There is a statutory charge and a written order, together with full payment, is required before the register can be supplied.

The costs are:

  • For data - £20 fixed amount plus £1.50 per 1000 entries or part per polling district, plus postage and packaging;
  • For paper copies - £10 fixed amount plus £5 per 1000 entries or part per polling district, plus postage and packaging.
  • You need to tell us which parts of the register you want so that the cost can be calculated. Cheques should be made payable to Eden District Council and the order should be addresses to the Electoral Registration Officer, Eden District Council, Town Hall, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 7QF.

Where can I see a copy of the Register?

There is a copy of the open register available for inspection at the Town Hall, Penrith. You may inspect it and can write down any information you need from it, but you can't photocopy it. The full register may only be inspected under supervision and you need to make an appointment to see it. You must not use the information from the full register for anything other than electoral purposes. For further details see Electoral Registers.

I want to trace some relatives. Can you send me information on where they live now?

No. Because of a court case and restrictions on use of information from the register, we are not dealing with this sort of query.


Who is my Councillor?

Councillors and other representatives' page has details for all Eden District Councillors. If you know which Ward you live in, the Eden Ward Map has links to the Councillors for each ward. Alternatively by entering you postcode into My Eden where you can find out who your Councillor is plus a lot more information about what is available and going on in your area.

Postal Voting

How can I get a postal vote?

By completing an application form, currently only available from the elections office see contact details below. You need to give the name(s) and address(es) of each person who would like a postal vote and they will be sent to you. There is a legal deadline for applications, of 11 working days before the day of election. It is, however, better to apply well in advance where possible, for more information see postal and proxy voting page.

For further information:

  • Contact: Elections
  • Telephone: 01768 212253 or 01768 212122
  • Email:
  • Fax: 01768 890470
  • Address: Eden District Council, Town Hall, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 7QF
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