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The Fairtrade Mark was set up to strengthen the economic position of disadvantaged producers such as the millions of landless labourers or small farmers. Producers who are sometimes denied what should be their right - enough to feed their families, send their children to school and that little extra to invest in sustainable development.

Eden Fairtrade Group

Eden district was awarded Fairtrade Status by the Fairtrade Foundation in October 2005. The Eden Fair Trade Group has worked extremely hard to raise awareness of fairly traded products.

  • Contact: Eden Fairtrade Group
  • Telephone: 01768 840994

Cumbria Fairtrade Network

Cumbria Fairtrade Network promotes fair trade in Cumbria supporting the Trade Justice Movement.

Fairtrade schools in Eden

  • Ullswater Community College
  • High Hesket Primary School 

For more Fairtrade information contact:

Cumbria Fairtrade Network

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