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Vitality of Penrith (VoP)

VoP projects and documents

VoP projects and documents

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The VoP was a community partnership project set up by us in 2008 to promote and enhance Penrith. Membership of VoP was taken from public, private and voluntary sector bodies.

It operated between 2008 and 2012 and achieved a number of notable outcomes. The advent of the BIG Society and the changed role of the public sector encouraged partners in VoP to examine a new way forward.

As capacity developed at community level it became clear that the work of VoP was better taken on by Penrith Partnership and so on 2 October 2012 the Executive of the District Council agreed.

  • The remaining capital funding from the Vitality of Penrith Project be made available to support of agreed capital schemes undertaken by the Penrith Partnership until March 2014;
  • Delegated authority be given to the Communities Director to approve release of the capital funding as a capital grant to the Penrith Partnership; and
  • The sum of £2,000 be made available to the Penrith Partnership from the Special Projects Fund to buy in the assistance of a consultant to seek further funding streams.

Details on the handover process and the success of VoP can be found in the report CD91/12 of the Communities Director (PDF: 348 Kb / 16 pages).

Further information on the work of Penrith Partnership can be found at

More information on town centre matters relating to Penrith Contact the Economic Regeneration Officer / Town Centres Officer

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