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Eden Business Ambassador Councillor Debra Wicks

Councillor Debra Wicks (Conservative/Hesket Ward) is our Business Ambassador. This role seeks to help develop communication and engagement between us and the local business community. Councillor Wicks led the 'Marketing Eden Review' which led to the Cultivating Eden project.

Eden's Economic Priorities

Our Economic Development Plan contains further details of work over the next two years to develop the rural economy and promote links with local businesses.

Business Ambassador's role and function

Primary Role

To assist the Planning and Economy Portfolio Holder in acting as the appointed representative of the District Council, to understand and liaise with the business community of Eden District and to promote the Apprenticeship Grant Aid Scheme with partners.


The ability to connect with all parts of the business community and partners; to represent everyone fairly, and to balance local concerns with the political demands of our corporate priorities.


  1. To act as an advocate for the business community and promote appropriate policy responses on behalf of the business community to the Planning and Economy Portfolio Holder and Executive of the District Council.
  2. To promote the Council's Apprenticeship Grant Scheme amongst the business community and work with the Council's appointed Delivery Agent and partners to achieve the targets set out in the Service Level Agreement between the Council and the Delivery Agent.
  3. To act as promoter of the District Council policies amongst the business community and explain the rationale for the development and implementation of District Council adopted policies affecting the business community.
  4. To encourage the establishment of an Eden Business Forum (if supported by the local business community) and support local projects and initiatives developed by the Forum.
  5. Understand the complex business of local government and services provided both by the District Council and others to the business community and use this knowledge to work in partnership with a range of agencies and interests; developing local action and monitoring service standards in relation to the apprenticeship scheme and the Business Forum.
  6. Acquire relevant local intelligence flowing between the business community and the District Council and develop skills to analyse information which in turn can lead to the creation of new policy.

For further information:

  • Contact: the Business Ambassador, Councillor Debra Wicks
  • Telephone: 01768 817817
  • Mobile: 07730 420155.
  • Email:
  • Address: Eden District Council, Mansion House, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 7YG

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