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Functionality on this site should work in any browser. The design may degrade in older browsers such as Netscape 4 and Internet Explorer 4-6. The design has been tested in the browsers below. If you are using an old or obscure browser you may experience strange display results. In these cases you can switch off CSS and the site will be usable (if not very nice to look at).

Tested browsers

  • Windows
    • IE 7-10
    • Firefox 1 - 24
    • Opera 6 - 12 (Current problem with the address search on My Eden)
    • Google Chrome 30
    • Safari 3
    • Lynx (text browser)
  • Mac OSx
    • Safari
  • Linux
    • Konqueror
    • Firefox 3
    • Elinks (text browser)

Mobile devices

This site has been developed for use with mobile devices. The site has been tested with the native browsers on the following devices:

  • Blackberry Storm
  • HTC Hero/Wildfire
  • iPhone
  • Galaxy S2

If this site does not display properly in your browser please let us know by filling in this form or ringing us on 01768 817817

Which screen resolution is best?

This site is designed to be fluid and viewed at whatever screen resolution you want to use. At smaller screen resolutions such as those used by mobiles and tablets the design changes to make better use of the smaller space available.