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Secure pages - safe data

Identity theft is a real threat and we recognise that trust is an important part of interacting with any website, especially when you are submitting valuable and sensitive data. How can you check you are secure?  Whenever you see a padlock in your browser status bar or address bar and the address begins with https you can be sure that your data is transferred safely and in an encrypted form. Some examples of this are shown on the right.

What level of encryption can you expect?

All payments and forms collecting personal data are certified with high level authentication and encrypted using TLS v1.0 128 bit ARC4 (1024 bit RSA/MD5).

Security testing

We regularly undergo security testing of all our online server and applications by external consultants and are confident that our sites are free from such threats as cross-site scripting and sql injection attacks.

Virus protection

All downloadable files from our sites are checked for viruses and anti-virus software runs on all our servers checking for viruses and other malware. For you own protection we recommend that you routinely scan all files that you download from the Internet before you open them.

For further information:

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Firefox 3.5 SSL
Colour change in the address bar of Firefox 3.5 showing a secure connection to our Council Tax online pages
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Opera SSL
Padlock in Opera showing secure connection to an online form

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