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Acronyms and abbreviations 

This is a searchable directory of terms and abbreviations commonly used in local government which you might find on this site. If the term you are looking for isn't here please use the feedback link at the bottom of the page to let us know.

AcasAdvisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Servicewww.acas.org.uk
ACEAchieving Cumbrian Excellence 
ACTAction with Communities in Cumbria (formerly Voluntary Action Cumbria VAC)www.cumbriaaction.org.uk
AHCAppleby Heritage Centrewww.applebyheritagecentre.org
AIFireEAssociate of the Institution of Fire Engineerswww.ife.org.uk
ALFActivity Led Funding 
ALMOArms Length Management Organisation 
AMBAAlston Moor Business Associationwww.alstonmoor.com
AMPAlston Moor Partnership www.alstonmoorpartnership.co.uk
AMPAsset Management Plan Asset Management Plan web page
AMRAnnual Monitoring ReportAnnual Monitoring Report web page
AONBArea of Outstanding Natural Beauty 
ATCAppleby Town Council 
BAMEBlack, Asian, and minority ethnic  
BARSBiodiversity Action Reporting System 
BCBuilding ControlBuilding Control web pages
BCPBusiness Continuity PlanBusiness Continuity Plan web page
BISDepartment for Business Innovation & Skillswww.gov.uk/government/organisations/department-for-business-innovation-skills
BITCBusiness in the Communitywww.bitc.org.uk
BLFBig Lottery Fund 
BMRABritish Metals Recycling Associationwww.recyclemetals.org/
BPRBusiness Process Re-engineering 
BRBusiness RatesBusiness Rates web pages
BREBuilding Research Establishmentwww.bre.co.uk
C&YPChildren and Young People (a block within Cumbria's Local Area Agreement) 
CABCitizens Advice Bureauwww.citizensadvice.org.uk
CABEChartered Association of Building Engineers www.cbuilde.com
CAfSCumbria Action for Sustainabilitywww.cafs.org.uk
CALCCumbria Association of Local Councilswww.calc.org.uk
CBENCumbria Business Environment Networkwww.cben.co.uk
CCCCumbria County Councilwww.cumbria.gov.uk/
CCfACouncillor call for action 
CCGClinical Commissioning Group 
CCTCompulsory Competitive Tendering 
CCTVClosed Circuit Television 
CCVSCumbria Council for Voluntary Servicecumbriacvs.org.uk
CDCCommunity Development Centre 
CEChief ExecutiveChief Executive contact details
CfPSCentre for Public Scrutinywww.cfps.org.uk
CIPFAChartered Institute of Public Finance Accountantswww.cipfa.org
CLASCumbria Landlord Accreditation SchemeCumbria Landlord Accreditation Scheme web page
CMSContent Management System  
CPOCompulsory Purchase Order 
CRBCriminal Records BureauCriminal Records Bureau web page on Data.gov.uk
CREACumbria Rural Enterprise Agencywww.crea.co.uk
CRHTCumbria Rural Housing Trustwww.crht.org.uk
CRMCustomer Relationship Management (Computer system) 
CRoWCountryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 
CRSPCumbria Road Safety Partnership 
CSRComprehensive Spending Review 
CTCumbria Tourism www.cumbriatourism.org
CTCouncil TaxCouncil Tax web pages
CVCumbria Vision (no longer in existence but some web pages may refer to it) 
CWPCumbria Waste Partnership 
DBISDepartment for Business Innovation and SkillsDepartment for Business Innovation and Skills web pages on Gov.uk
DCDevelopment Control 
DCLGDepartment for Communities and Local GovernmentDepartment for Communities and Local Government web pages on Gov.uk
DCMSDepartment for Culture, Media and SportDepartment for Culture, Media and Sport web page on Gov.uk
DDDirect Debit 
DDADisability Discrimination Act replaced by the Equality Act 2010.  
DEFRADepartment of the Environment, Food and Rural AffairsDepartment of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs web pages on Gov.uk
DFGDisabled Facilities GrantsDisabled Facilities Grants web page
DFTDepartment for Transport Department for Transport web page on Gov.uk
DHDepartment of Health Department of Health web page on Gov.uk
DHPsDiscretionary housing payments Discretionary housing payments web pages
DiGSDeposit Guarantee SchemeDeposit Guarantee Scheme (DiGS) and Rent In Advance web page
DMADFDebt Management Account Deposit Facility 
DMSDestination Management SystemDestination Management System web page
DoTDirection of Travel 
DPAData Protection ActData Protection Act on Gov.uk
DPCDamp Proof Course  
DPDsDevelopment Plan Documents 
DPPOsDesignated Public Place OrdersDesignated Public Place Orders web pages
DRCDisability Rights Commission was replaced by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.  
DSODirect Service Organisation 
DWPDepartment for Work and PensionsDepartment for Work and Pensions on Gov.uk
EA Environment AgencyEnvironment Agency on Gov.uk
EAEducation Authority  
EALCEden Association of Local Councils 
EAPFEden Area Providers Forum 
ECMEvery Child Matterswww.everychildmatters.co.uk
EDCEden District Council 
EDCERPEden District Council Emergency Response Plan 
EEFEden Economic Forum 
EHAEden Housing Associationwww.edenha.org.uk
EHRCEquality Human Rights Commission replaced Disability Rights Commission. www.equalityhumanrights.com
ELYWPEden Local Youth Work Partnership 
EMSEnvironmental Management System 
EOEqual Opportunity 
EPCEnergy Performance Certificate 
EqIAEquality Impact Assessment 
ERTEden Rivers Trustwww.edenriverstrust.org.uk
ESAEnvironmentally Sensitive Area 
ESFEuropean Social Fund 
ESPAAEden Sport and Physical Activity Alliance 
ETNEden Tourism NetworkEden Tourism Network web page
EVAEconomic Viability Appraisal 
EVPHPEden Valley Public Health Partnership 
FAQFrequently Asked Question 
FOIFreedom of InformationFreedom of Information web page
FOIAFreedom of Information Act 2000Freedom of Information Act 2000 on Legislation.gov.uk
FPNFixed Penalty Notice 
FSAFood Standards Agency http://www.food.gov.uk/
FTEFull Time Equivalent 
FTTCFibre to the cabinet 
FTTPFibre to the premises  
FYIFor your information 
GISGeographic Information Systems 
GMLGeography Markup Language  
H&SHealth and Safety 
HACCPHazard analysis and critical control points 
HBHousing BenefitHousing Benefit web pages
HCAHomes and Community AgencyHomes and Community Agency on Gov.uk
HRHuman Resources 
HSEHealth and Safety Executivewww.hse.gov.uk
HTMLHypertext Markup Language 
HWRCHousehold Waste Recycling CentresHousehold Waste Recycling Centres web page
ICCM Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Managementwww.iccm-uk.com
ICOInformation Commissioners Officeico.org.uk
ICTInformation Communication and Technology 
IICInvest in Cumbriawww.investincumbria.co.uk
IIPInvestors in Peoplewww.investorsinpeople.co.uk
IMDIndex of Multiple Deprivation 
kW Kilowatt 
LALocal Authority 
LA21Local Agenda 21 
LAALocal Area Agreement 
LDNPALake District National Park Authoritywww.lakedistrict.gov.uk
LEPLocal Enterprise Partnership 
LGALocal Government Associationwww.local.gov.uk
LGCLocal Government Chroniclewww.lgcplus.com
LGiUThe Local Democracy think tankwww.lgiu.org.uk
LHALocal Housing AllowanceLocal Housing Allowance web page
LLPGLocal Land and Property Gazetteer 
LVIALandscape and Visual Impact Appraisal 
MEATMost Economically Advantageous Tender 
MFSMarket Factor Supplement 
MT Management Team 
NALCNational Association of Local Councilswww.nalc.gov.uk
NBFNational Federation of Builderswww.builders.org.uk
NCLNorth Country LeisureEden's Leisure Facilities on NCL website
NINational Indicator 
NISNational Indicator Set 
NLISNational Land Information Servicewww.nlis.org.uk
NNDRNational Non Domestic Rates (Business Rates) Business Rates web pages
NPPNorth Pennines Partnershipwww.northpennines.org.uk
NPPFNational Planning Policy Framework  
NSNONo second night out No second night out (NSNO) for rough sleepers web page
NWNorth West 
NWIEPNorth West Improvement and Efficiency Partnership 
ONS Office for National Statisticswww.ons.gov.uk
OPHSOlder People's Housing StrategyOlder People's Housing Strategy web page
PAProject Access 
PACTPenrith Action for Communities in Transitionwww.penrithact.org.uk
PAFPerformance Assessment Framework 
PCParish CouncilParish Council and Parish Meeting web pages
PCCPolice and Crime Commissioner Police and crime commissioners on Gov.uk
PCCPress Complaints Commissionwww.pcc.org.uk
PCNPenalty Charge NoticePenalty Charge Notice web page
PCTPrimary Care Trust 
PDPermitted Development RightsPermitted Development Rights web page on Planning Portal
PFIPrivate Finance Initiative 
PHEPublic Health EnglandPublic Health England on Gov.uk
PIPerformance Indicator 
PMPerformance Management 
PPPenrith Partnershipwww.penrithpartnership.org.uk
PPGPlanning Policy Guidance 
PPPPublic Private Partnership 
PSAPublic Service Agreement 
PSIPublic Sector Information  
PSIASPublic Sector Internal Audit Standards 
QAQuality Assurance  
QEGSQueen Elizabeth Grammar School, Penrith www.qegs.cumbria.sch.uk
RARisk Assessment 
RICSRoyal Institution of Chartered Surveyorswww.rics.org/uk
RoPRules of Procedure 
RoSPARoyal Society for the Prevention of Accidentswww.rospa.com
RSBGRural Small Buildings Grant 
RSGRevenue Support Grant 
RSLRegistered Social Landlords 
RSPRegional Skills Partnership 
RSSReally Simple Syndication (news feeds)  
RTBRight to BuyRight to Buy web page
RTPIRoyal Town Planning Institutewww.rtpi.org.uk
RWNRural Women's Networkwww.ruralwomen.org.uk
SAPStandard Assessment ProcedureStandard Assessment Procedure on Gov.uk
SARCSexual Assault Referral Centre  
SBEMSimplified Building Energy Model 
SFASkills Funding AgencySkills Funding Agency on Gov.uk
SFBBSafer food, better businessSafer food, better business on Foods Standards Agency
SFRAStrategic Flood Risk Assessment 
SHLAAStrategic Housing Land Availability Assessment 
SHMAStrategic Housing Market AssessmentStrategic Housing Market Assessment web page
SLAService Level Agreement 
SLDCSouth Lakeland District Councilwww.southlakeland.gov.uk
SMARTSpecific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time bound (Performance Management Term) 
SOAsSuper Output AreasSuper Output Areas on Office for National Statistics website
SPDSupplementary Planning DocumentSupplementary Planning Document web pages
SPGSupplementary Planning GuidanceSupplementary Planning Guidance web page
SSSISite of Special Scientific Interest Site of Special Scientific Interest on Gov.uk
SWEPSevere Weather Emergency Protocol 
TBCTo be confirmed 
TCPTourism and Conservation Partnership 
TCPATown and Country Planning Associationwww.tcpa.org.uk
TERTarget CO2 Emission Rate 
TFATourism for Allwww.tourismforall.org.uk
TFEETarget Fabric Energy Efficiency 
TICTourist Information CentreTourist Information Centre web page on VisitEden website
TORTerms of Reference 
TPOTree Preservation OrderTree Preservation Order web pages
TQMTotal Quality Management 
TUPETransfer of Undertakings Protection of EmploymentTUPE web page on Gov.uk
UA1) Ullswater Association 2) Unitary Authority 
uPVCUnplasticized polyvinyl chloride 
VCSVoluntary and Community Sector 
VOValuation Officer 
VOAValue Office Agency Value Office Agency on Gov.uk
W3CWorld Wide Web Consortiumwww.w3.org
WBLWork Based Learning 
WCAGWeb Content Accessibility GuidelinesWeb Content Accessibility Guidelines on W3C website
WFSWeb Feature Service Interface Standard  
WGWorking Group 
WMSWeb Map Service  
XHTMLExtensible Hypertext Mark-up Language 
XMLExtensible Mark-up Language 

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