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Canvass of Electors

We have written a letter to all the households in Eden and enclosed with the letter is a Household Enquiry Form. The form has details of all the people registered to vote in your household. You must respond to this form whether the details are correct or incorrect as you could be fined if you don't. You can respond by post, text 07786 209 363, Freephone 0808 284 1463 or online at

Read more about the canvass of electors.

Make sure you're registered. Look out for your annual canvass letter. Your vote matters make sure you're in.

Eden to welcome Stage 5 of the Aviva Tour of Britain

Stage 5 of the Aviva Tour of Britain is coming to Eden District on Thursday 10 September 2015. Find out more about how your business, school or community group can get involved in and download the official event poster to promote the Eden stage in your area. Read more about the Aviva Tour of Britain 2015.

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British Cycling Sky Ride and Women's only Breeze Rides in Eden

A programme of Sky Ride Local rides have been organised for the community to participate in. Sky Ride local rides are guided by British Cycling Ride leaders along scenic planned routes. With different levels, there’s something for all ages and abilities. A series of women’s only Breeze Rides are also available in the coming weeks. For further information visit

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